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Honest Foods Straight From the Farm

NYFARM2DOOR brings you the finest New York has to offer!

What makes our products the best you can find?


Here at NY Farm2Door all of our meats, cheeses, products, and prepared foods are local to New York state and family farmed. Our meats are often heritage breeds and always raised in the most sustainable ways according to traditional animal husbandry. This means all of our beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished.  You may say "it's so well marbled and flavorful".  We only select beef that has been pastured twice as long as grain fed beef, giving it the time become high choice/prime.  Then we dry age the beef a minimum of 40 days, tenderizing the beef and concentrating the flavor. The pork is pastured its whole life, eating grains and vegetables, as well as the leftover whey from local dairies.  You can find those same dairy products right here at NY Farm2Door.  Only in the pursuit of perfection do we source outside of New York, for example fennel pollen from Tuscany, Calabrian red chillies, and truffles from Italy or France.  All our meats are chosen because they live the best and most natural quality of life. This translates to the best quality of products for you and your family!

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